Stopping production of RX Viper V2 rudder pedals

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We get a lot of questions about the availability of RX Viper V2 rudder pedals for ordering. Therefore, I would like to place a small amount of information here.
Production of RX Viper V2 rudder pedals is suspended indefinitely. We are finishing the production of the last batch of these pedals. All pedals are pre-ordered. If there are refusals from the pre-order and we have ready-made RX Viper V2 rudder pedals, they will be available for purchase in our online store.
Suspension of production indefinitely. If pedals are made in the future, they will be upgraded to some extent. But I can't give more information right now.
I would like to say thank you to all the users of our rudder pedals. Unfortunately part of the story is over.
But the work continues.
We collect proposals for changing the rudder pedals. If you have any wishes, you can send this information to the email ( or in the comments to this post.
We collect all information. And if rudder pedals with RX Viper V2 mechanics are produced in the future, all adequate proposals for changing the pedals will be taken into account.
Thanks to all!!!

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  • Sad to see this
    By : James Leslie On 22.06.2022

    Unfortunately I don't have any interest in the rotor style pedals :/ I hope some form of these returns in the future.

    Replied by : Wiaczesław Oziabło We are working on RX Viper V3 rudder pedals.

  • the future
    By : Michael CASANO On 22.01.2022

    If you're still making the rotor pedals, count me in. If you're done completely, good luck in your future endeavors!

    Replied by : Wiaczesław Oziabło The next rudder pedals will be RH Rotor. There are also plans for the future, just need to prioritize. That is, to determine the sequence of development of new devices. And it's not just the rudder pedals...