RX Viper V3 rudder pedals design completed!

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Hi, All.

We have finished designing a new version of the RX Viper V3 rudder pedals. We are currently testing the pedals assemblyty. After which we will test the operation of these rudder pedals. Personally, I have no doubt about the performance of this device, but new pedals must pass all tests before production begins.
Also, I plan to change the color of the pedals. Our pedals have had two colors so far. This is a silver and gray metallic. The new color is a mixture of orange colors. More precisely, it is a mixture of RAL colors from 2004 to 2009. But in mass production there will be only one color.
Which color do you personally like best: silver, dark metallic (which were there before) or orange?

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  • Dark Metallic
    By : Bill McClamma On 07.11.2023

    These look great. I'll order them no matter what color, but in order, I'd prefer dark metallic, silver, then orange. Also, if you brought back the F-16 replica pedals, I'd buy those instead.

  • Dark metallic/silver
    By : Nicholas Treiberg On 21.10.2023

    I like the dark metallic the most, and the silver over the orange. I do think it is nice to give the option of additional colors. Would it be something I could swap out whenever I want?

    Replied by : Wiaczesław Oziabło Orange is just an idea. There will likely only be one color for the pedals pads. A dark metallic or silver color will be the easiest to use since we've already done that.

  • love the orange
    By : Mans Matulewicz On 17.10.2023

    gives me the vibes of the orange F-16 from the RNLAF demo team: https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/F-16_Demo_Team#/media/Bestand:F-16_Solo_Display_Team_Radom_2009_b.JPG (helps I am dutch)

  • Color suggestion
    By : William Johnson On 16.10.2023

    I personally would probably prefer silver more than dark metallic or orange.