Increase in the cost of production.

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Hi, All.

Unfortunately bad news.
Due to the constant increase in the cost of manufacturing parts over the past 2 years, we are forced to increase the cost of the rudder pedals we produce. At the moment, this applies to RH Rotor rudder pedals and the same fact blocks the start of production of RX Viper V3 rudder pedals. The cost of producing some parts in Europe has even increased by 100%. This resulted in the total cost of production increasing by 15%-20% at least.
We will not reduce the cost of production by reducing the quality of products.
The cost of the next batch of RH Rotor rudder pedals will be increased. At the moment, this cost will be maintained for 3 months, that is, until the end of May.
If this trend to increase the cost of parts continues, we will be forced to consider ending production if the increase in production cost is critical.
The next pre-order for RH Rotor rudder pedals will be launched in a few days. Work will begin around March 13th. The production time for a batch of this rudder pedals will be about 5 weeks. The number of rudder pedals in pre-order will be limited, in case of a sharp increase in the cost of manufacturing parts.

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