RX Viper V3 - 3 Colors

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Hi, All.

What color would you choose?

All your votes will be counted. The first batch will be made with this color.
PS. Silver is in the lead for now. 21.10.2023
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  • Love that orange but sure I'm in the minority
    Przez :Richard Remski Na 15.11.2023

    Hello very happily using Slaw Viper v1's! But I might be motivated to update. And hand me down the still working v1 to a worthy user to keep on flying. That orange really pops.

    Odpowiedziano przez: Wiaczesław Oziabło Hi. The next pre-order will be for the RX Viper V3 rudder pedal, which will begin in December. According to polls, silver is the leading color.

  • Colors?!?!?
    Przez :Roberto Giorgetti Na 31.10.2023

    Don't know how and where to vote but my vote is SILVER :)

  • Color Preference
    Przez :Landon Luebke Na 25.10.2023

    Definitely a fan of the dark metallic. Also will these be out in time to order myself a Christmas present?

    Odpowiedziano przez: Wiaczesław Oziabło Hi. Pre-orders will most likely start before Christmas. But I'm not sure that we will have time to send orders before the Christmas holidays. Moreover, as usual, we will not ship orders from December 18, 2023 until January 8, 2024. This is due to delays in delivery from courier services at this time, as courier services are overloaded before the Christmas holidays and New Year. And at this time, errors with parcel delivery are possible.

  • Pedal color vote
    Przez :Nicholas Treiberg Na 24.10.2023

    My vote is Dark metallic!